Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do our politicians care?

I have watched a lot of news recently. Who hasn't? I can not avoid the realization that our politicians don't care about the people. They only care about their positions. How can you say what their motivations are? After all Biden said that was his first lesson in the Senate. Easy. Their actions speak louder than words. When is the last time a politician has took a position opposite to popular opinion. Not any time recently and if they do it is only because they don't know what the popular position is. True care for the Country and the People demands honesty and discipline similar to what our parents gave us to strengthen us. What they do is take money from us one hour, one purchase, and one death at a time while giving it away one 700 billion check at a time. Let me encourage you to vote for the candidate who is not holding the populous position. More often than not that is the person who truly cares. Modesty is the word that comes to mind. When has a politician encouraged us to be modest in our self-perception. Instead they all rest on demagoguery to stay in office and build their power while deteriorating the Countries foundation.


pamela on the loose said...

While I applaud the notion of voting for the "modest" politician, I do not believe that is possible. The modest man (or woman) rarely rise to the top. Usually, it is the ones who can talk a big game, boast about heir accomplishments, or take credit for the accomplishments of others as if it was their policy. In this election, in particular, that is an unrealistic goal. Obama is anything but modest. His primary appeal is his larger than life personality and the ability to sell his image and ideas to the nation. Furthermore, the word modest is hard to reconcile with Michelle Obama. Palin, too, is the anti-thesis on modesty. She comes out with both barrels blazing and a sharp tongue. In essence, she goes against the status quo, but not with humility and concern. Biden? I don't know.
McCain tried the modest, quiet approach and the media slayed him as boring and out of touch. He was virtually forced to swing the other way in order to compete on the mainstage, but it is still something he is not good at.

But, if you are looking for the candidate who truly cares...I would have to say that is McCain. He is honest to the point of boredom. His answers remain consistent, and you know where he stands...until his campaign managers start making him play the game.

Your statements are accurate as far as the idealists perspective is concerned, but reality is a strong obstacle for the ideal.

Jazyboo07 said...

Once again we have people's personalities being the basis of voting when that should not be the case. We should be basing our opinions on who we think would be most qualified as president AND VICE president.

I would have to agree with Pamela about McCain... He truly does care... about Bush, the republican party and his 13 cars (3 foreign)... that's a bout it... oh yea and his fat bank roll.

Go Obama!

Adam S. said...

Welcome to democracy. Aren't demagogues what everyone from Madison to Tocqueville warned about? Appealing to the massive majority to further their power just as you said. Yet the media, who is suppose to protect against the dangers of demagogues by undercutting their mass appeal, yet instead of undercutting them they end up feeding off them.

Schmidt said...

I must congratulate jazyboo07 for the excellent analysis of McCain deeply rooted in evidence and not including any silly normative tripe.

pamela on the loose said...

You rock Schmidty.
As for who is most qualifed?
McCain without a doubt! In fact, Obama has been in the Senate for years and not doing what he is paid to do...which vote on behalf of his constiuents. Who is most qualified? The one who does his job, actually votes his conscience even though it can be used against him during an election. Obama simply refused to take a stand in the Senate because his goal was not "change" but to retain a voting base.

Katie K said...
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Katie K said...

It's sad to say, but it's almost necessary for politicians to "play the game" or they never achieve political mobility. There is a huge (corrupt) machine any caring and independent public servant must fight. You can see this to be evident with McCain's voting record. Originally he was know as an independent with a "maverick" record. However, it appears as though his positions have slightly changed in recent years. Now look at him...on a presidential ticket. Perhaps principals only go so far, or your eaten alive. This grieves me, as I am sure many other people too. In this predominatly ego-based profession, one must sift through the broken words and find a genuine public servant.

Leonard Pagano III said...

Lieberman went against the mass and that is why he was re-elected as an independent.