Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do our politicians care?

I have watched a lot of news recently. Who hasn't? I can not avoid the realization that our politicians don't care about the people. They only care about their positions. How can you say what their motivations are? After all Biden said that was his first lesson in the Senate. Easy. Their actions speak louder than words. When is the last time a politician has took a position opposite to popular opinion. Not any time recently and if they do it is only because they don't know what the popular position is. True care for the Country and the People demands honesty and discipline similar to what our parents gave us to strengthen us. What they do is take money from us one hour, one purchase, and one death at a time while giving it away one 700 billion check at a time. Let me encourage you to vote for the candidate who is not holding the populous position. More often than not that is the person who truly cares. Modesty is the word that comes to mind. When has a politician encouraged us to be modest in our self-perception. Instead they all rest on demagoguery to stay in office and build their power while deteriorating the Countries foundation.