Thursday, September 18, 2008


Media. The word can't be spelled with out first spelling me. This is etymologically irrelevant, however, the media profession does demand subjective interpretation and biased communication. Can one truly inform others without injecting their epistimology? Obviously not. At the exact same time our political structure demands the Rational Choice Theory be excercised. Voters punch the chad based solely on what their interests are and who they think will represent those interests. Both of these situations isolate and segregate. There is no longer a struggle for "truth". By that I mean, it is understood that at work and social events you don't talk about God and politics. Fealings may be injured. Egos deminished. The modern American, in media and politics, is searching for comfort not progress. To build ones muscles you must stretch and mildly tear the muscles and they will become stronger and larger. Instead we resort to MLB style comfort and growth. Bulked on steroiods while at the same time destroying the body.

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pamela on the loose said...

I agree that most Americans base their votes on their interests rather than what is appropriate for the greater long-term good. This is an example of the "cult of the individual" within the country. Meaning, that we focus more on ourselves rather than society as a whole. It seems like past generations were motivated by a desire to improve the world for their children and grandchildren, where we are addicted to instant gradification.

The Civil Rights Movement, Women's Suffrage, American union workers, etc...You don't see progressive movents, change, and social capital like that anymore. It reminds me of the sociologists Gaus who believed that the efforts of the New Deal made Americans expect the government to provide for them, and personal responsibility and community cooperation were the primary values lost in our country. The false sense of entitlement has corrupted our society where no one is responsible to their fellow man and morals can be compromised if the individual stands to profit from a particular choice.